Welcome to the new website of MickeyBFresh and “The DeFi Standard Team”

Get to know the talented, diversely skilled Team at “The DeFi Standard” We have brought together an all star team, each with their own individual skills and talents providing valuable contributions to this website along with the amazing things that we are working on behind the scenes

1.-Cynthia @Cynarts – Our Talented Digital & NFT Artist. Cynthia is a rising star amongst NFT Artists. Cynthia does all MBF Bull artwork and YouTube thumbnails. Designer of “Lady XRP” NFT, our yet to be released on Flare Mickey B Fresh “Bad Ass Bulls, and is currently working on an NFT series for “The Thinking Crypto” channel.

2.Dip Collector @Dip_Collector-Project Manager for ALL MBF & DeFi Standard Projects,Web3 Vaults/Stealth projects, NFT projects, Web3 website, and Team manager in the MBF Patreon Group.

3.Glenn– @GlennSchnieder.Our highly Skilled  Lead Developer builder of this website along with Dip Collector. Glenn is also one of the Top Solidity Smart Contract Developers in the Songbird & Flare Communities, he has written the code for multiple different projects on Songbird. We are lucky to have him on our team, he launched MBF FTSO’s on Songbird & the Flare networks. 

4.GPK Junky– @GpkJunky on Twitter admin in our patreon group who’s active in our Twitter Spaces, always sharing his valuable insides and amazing graphics with the community.

About The Mickey B Fresh Patreon Group



Our goal is to provide the crypto community with a hub of resources revolving around the coming explosion of everything being built in the XRP, SGB and Flare network ecosystems. We pride ourselves on transparency and evidence-based speculation of what is yet to pass. In that light, the group behind this site are long term holders of XRP who have been researching this digital asset and the firms involved with it for many years. Additionally, the focus of the site will mainly be on the Flare and Songbird Network and their corresponding ecosystem. This entails Ripple and XRP as the Flare Network is stated as being a utility fork of the XRP Ledger. As the future of decentralized finance evolves, we may look to expand our coverage as needed. Mickey B Fresh is a highly regarded and longtime member of the XRP community. Most of all we hope that our visitors will find us as a reputable source of information within this rapidly evolving ecosystem.


The information, resources, and opinions on this site are not intended to be financial advice to any individuals or groups. We also cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information that may flow through or reside on this site; however, we will do our best to provide the most cutting edge and accurate information that we can. We encourage all to absorb the information presented on this site, but also to do their own research.

The Mickey B Fresh Blog

An important part of the website will be the blog we run on it, and to which about 10 Admins from our Patreon group will be contributing content on a regular basis.

We will both present and highlight content of other content providers when we believe it will contribute to a better understanding of the subjects that are of interest to the people visiting our website.  Our aim is to be a reliable source and a professional hub for content that is both informative and fact based providing greater value for our visitors

As we coomenced uploading the earlier content to the blog some time ago: the right way to start reading the blog would be to scroll down to the oldest post and go up from there.


Because of the popularity, and rapid growth of these projects and ecosystems, together with the implementation of use case to NFT’s we have added links to content about this specific subject.

Mickey B Fresh Patreon Group

All information on this website is freely accessible. If you want to have access to more information to further support and grow your knowledge so you can take maximum advantage on your journey in the XRP, Flare/Songbird ecosystems then you might consider becoming a Patreon member.

Our group contains a large number of knowledgeable and helpful members who are willing to share and help you out with all the questions you have. Also there is the opportunity to take advantage of the information provided daily by Mickey, via posts, voice notes, or direct interaction.

You can become a member of our Telegram group, where Mickey, our team of admins and members will help you level-up your knowledge so that you can make well informed decisions going forward.

Admins on Patreon

We also have a loyal team of very knowledgeable Admins who put a lot of time and effort into the Patreon group and are there to lend a helping hand if needed.

We were lucky enough to have some of our Admins contribute willingly to the blog on this website sharing some of their knowledge and insides with the community. We are definitely grateful for their support and we hope you will all appreciate and enjoy their contributions.

If people have suggestions for content or what we call mid-level questions about Flare, Songbird or XRP related topics they can send them to mickeybfreshcontact@gmail.com.

We won’t promise we will reply or use all the suggestions that are sent in but what we will do is look at all the emails and select those that we think are an asset to the site and give a shout out to those who send in a question or content that is answered/posted on the site.

All contributions are much appreciated but we simply have to make a selection of what to use.

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