Songbird Delegation Guide

Vote Delegation & Reward Epochs Explained | Songbird Network (Text by FTSO.AU)

1./ ALL rewards epochs will begin weekly on Saturdays at approximately 08:41 UTC.

2./ A vote power block snapshot from the current reward epoch is selected randomly and retroactively at the beginning of the new epoch. It is selected from the last quarter of blocks, in terms of blocks produced.

3./ Anyone who begins delegating to data providers, and does so before the delegation lock, will NOT be eligible to begin accruing rewards until AFTER 08:41 UTC on Saturday.

4./ If you unwrap and or switch data providers in the middle of a rewards epoch, you are fixed to that data provider for the remainder of the current rewards week and will continue to accrue rewards from that provider.

The delegation to your newly chosen data provider will not take effect until the next rewards epoch begins.

5./ If you take no weekly action, the system defaults to the previous week’s selected data provider(s).

6./ Rewards are paid out in $SGB.

7./ Rewards accrued during weekly rewards epochs cannot be called / claimed until after the following rewards epoch has begun.

This means that those who are currently eligible for delegation accrual rewards beginning on any given Saturday cannot call / claim any accrued rewards until AFTER 08:41 UTC on the following Saturday.

8./ Rewards calls / claims are good for 90 days. Any unclaimed rewards after the 90 day expiry are returned to the rewards pools for the next epoch.

9./ The rewards claim process is manual, which you can do so using the button on the Rewards page.

10./ Rewards claimed on Saturday after the end of the epoch, will not be added to your voting power until the following delegation lock.

Video by Dip-Collector explaining how to delegate using the Byfrost wallet.